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Dexter is accredited through Cognia with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI; and is recognized by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC).

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Our Three Promises

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Academic Foundations

Your child will develop strong academic foundations. They'll be able to read, write, and speak with confidence.
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Character Development

Your child will develop a strong moral character. They'll learn to be kind, resilient, and have great manners.
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STEM Skills

Your child will develop STEM skills. They'll be able to code, solve complex math problems, and think scientifically.

Knowledge Builds Knowledge

Dexter uses a research-based, teacher-tested curriculum that engages students in diverse historical, scientific, and cultural content.

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    Content-richOur content-rich curriculum engages students in rigorous English language arts and literacy, mathematics, history and geography, science, visual arts, and music.
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    CoherentThe content is organized coherently, or in a logical order, so knowledge builds on knowledge.
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    CumulativeContent and skills spiral within and through the grades. For example, chart below shows how content related to the Human Body spans through the years.
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    Context-specificIdeas, people, geography, sayings, and more are taught in the context of the time period or related area of knowledge—not in isolation. Students make connections to prior knowledge, other subjects, and real life.

Campus Models

Dexter operates two distinct campus models:

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    Dexter SchoolPre-k through 8th grade Core Knowledge program that develops strong academic foundations, self-discipline, and STEM skills.
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    Dexter HighA flexible program for teenagers to earn a dual high school diploma and associate degree.
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What parents are saying

"It's kindness, it is magic, it is education, it is change. This has been one of the biggest gifts of our last four years."

"None of the other schools can match the level of learning, dedication, imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and care of Dexter."

"My son finally found a place he thrives."


What kind of student thrives at Dexter?

Dexter is designed for students that love to learn and families that support that goal. Nerds thrive at Dexter. Minecraft, coding, art, music, science experiments, and reading are common hobby traits of a Dexter students.

Is Dexter only for "smart kids"?

Dexter places a high value on academic achievement and success. We believe that intelligence is not something that you are, but that something that you do. At Dexter, every child is capable of being a "smart kid" and will be held to that standard. Working hard in class and engaging in the material is a requirement for all students.

Is Dexter accredited?

Dexter is accredited through Cognia with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI; and is recognized by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC).

Is Dexter a classical school?

Our curriculum and focus on character development is very much a classical approach to education.

Do students do hands-on project at Dexter?

Students at Dexter engage in regular hands-on experiences and projects. This active learning builds upon a foundation of regular teacher led direct instruction and knowledge building.

How much is tuition?

Tuition is $9,150 per year.

Is there transportation?

Dexter operates a shuttle for school events. Coming Fall 2024, we're facilitating a car pool network for students unable to arrange regular transportation.

Does Dexter have a mental health counselor?

No. We believe that mental health counseling is a domain best left to parents and that schools should focus on cultivating the basics of a healthy childhood: academic achievement, physical fitness, and community.

Does Dexter have special education services?

The Dexter environment of kindness and discipline serves a wide range of students, but we do not have any dedicated special needs programs or services. If necessary, a child may opt for a dedicated aide at additional expense.

What are the behavior expectations?

In order to remain in good standing, all students are expected to uphold high standards of behavior and not be regularly disruptive to other students.

What does Dexter mean?

Dexter is short for the word Dexterity, which means readiness and grace in physical and mental activity. We help our students develop dexterity in all areas of their life.

Are lunches available?

Dexter serves whole foods that are nutritious freshly made. Breakfast costs $5 per day and lunch cost $7 per day.

What is the Dexter curriculum?

Dexter uses the Core Knowledge curriculum for pre-K through 8th grade and a college preparatory curriculum for our high school program.

Are there sports?

Yes! Dexter offers regular physical exercise, wrestling, golf, tennis, and cross country.

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